Tired of food poisoning and poor quality shell eggs you came to the right place with Safe Eggs being the first and only Salmonella free shell egg that is guaranteed not to cause food poisoning. Pasteurisation is the process of killing bacteria and other bad organisms in foodstuffs with heat and time. The trick with eggs is to kill the bad bacteria without damaging the egg interior.

We at Safe Eggs has perfected this method of killing the bad bacteria without boiling the eggs using technologically advanced heating units. Salmonella is a disease risk specific to eggs, poultry and vegetables and is the bacteria responsible for serious food poisoning.


Safe Eggs (Pty) Ltd is the only company in South Africa that pasteurise eggs in shell. The technology has been developed over many years and has resulted in an advanced heat treatment system for eggs. Safe Eggs can thus now offer its customers eggs that is safe, healthy and that lasts longer.

Omega-3 is a long chain fatty acid that is an essential nutrient in our diet. The European Food Safety Association (EFSA) recently confirmed the following with respect to Omega-3 health claims in a report.


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